Follow you into the heart of the action, that is what we do. Our line of work is to bring up reality, intensity and image quality, so that the films we realize always have character. We commit ourselves to turn into films some adventures which will take the viewer away from his daily life, towards a journey in remote lands full of amazing stories.
A picture is worth a thousand words… And a video is worth one thousand pictures…

Video documentary is one pillar of the new multi-media world. It will always be a source of interest and curiosity for the human mind. So let’s reach some new horizons together…

Latest movies

Have a look at our latest movies. France 24, GIA and Ancient Cities Flotilla were the clients. You will travel from the Burmese Indian border to the Middle-East, then you will discover some unveiled stories in Mozambique, and you will end up on a boat cruising the Irrawady river in Myanmar…

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